about-img-266x329About Joel

I consider myself fortunate to have had my first exposure to photography growing up as I watched my parents build and run a successful photography business in South Carolina. They taught me so much about photography whether it was calculating f-stops, making sure the lighting was just right, and, most importantly to me, they taught me how to frame a photograph for the maximum viewing impact.

Building on their wealth of knowledge and experience, I learned the ins and outs of photography on a professional grade Canon 35mm Camera. In the mid 90’s, I made the jump to digital with a basic point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot. As time has passed, my equipment (camera, lenses, software, etc) have upgraded and so has my passion for photography.

This passion – which was instilled in me early in my life – is what I believe separates me from other photographers. My photography is about capturing that moment, whether it be the crash of a wave, the scent of a burning fire, or the sound of an entire church rising as a bride approaches. When I take a photograph, I shoot as I live and feel that moment – with eyes, and shutter, wide open.